Add Music To Your Facebook Story now in 4 Easiest Steps

One way to liven up a Facebook story is to add music to it. Thankfully Facebook music sticker feature plays a vital role in this aspect, allowing you to attach some soundtracks and music to your facebook Stories.

You probably want to entertain your Facebook story viewers and equally have fun while making use of the social network platform, and one of the best ways to do this is by adding some funky music to your facebook Stories. But unfortunately, you have no idea how to go about it, so you are wondering how to add music to your facebook story.

Facebook, Instagram and whatsapp are owned by on person and as a result appears to have similar features to an extent and one of the obvious similarities is the story feature. I know you want to explore this feature but you seem to know how. At the end of this article, you will become an expert lol.

Today’s article is going to teach you how you can include some cool tunes to those Facebook stories of yours. One interesting aspect or this beautiful Facebook feature is that you must not necessarily choose from the listed tunes, as those tunes are merely a suggestion.

Although most of the time there is 78 percent chances of getting a desirable songs from the suggested list of songs, but Facebook still leaves you a choice to add your own personally forges tunes or music to your facebook Story.

With Facebook story comes a lot of features that are very important and useful but it all depends on your actual needs for it. In fact most businesse organizations and brands out there use Facebook to reach out to their various clients and customers about a new product, and projects.

Another major role Facebook story plays for most business enterprises is they use it for advertisements, job vacancies, polls to get suggestions from their target customers and to enable them make better decisions in their production management and other core basic purposes.

However, whatever purpose you wish to use your facebook Story, this post like mentioned earlier, is going to show you exactly how you can add music to your facebook Story without stress. Stay tuned and avoid getting distracted in other for you not make mistakes or jump any step.

How can I add music to my facebook Story?

Just like when you want to add music to your Instagram story, adding music to your facebook story is very simple but requires certain steps that has to be undergone such as has been listed below…….

  • Launch the Facebook App and Tap on ‘create a Story’
  • Choose your preferred media, video or photo
  • Select the Music Sticker icon
  • Select your preferred soundtrack
  • Customize the appearance of your facebook story music overlay
  • Click on ‘Done’

The above listed steps are further explained in details and illustrated with pictures for a better understanding and clarification; See below.

Step 1. Launch the Facebook App and Tap on “create a Story”

How add music to your facebook story

In a bid to add music to your facebook story, the first step you must take is launch the Facebook App on your device, and locate the angle as indicated in the illustration above and tap on on it. Having done that, proceed to record a new video/picture or choose an existing media of your choice from your gallery or library. Once you have made choice, click on the sticker icon on the top right corner(the first one from the right)

Step 2. Select the music sticker icon

Facebook story

Here comes the succeeding step after the first, and that is to select the sticker icon, afterwards, you will see a menu leaving you with a lot of options such as location, time, music, events, tag, feelings, donate, poll questions, emojis etc. to choose from. But since you want to add music to your facebook story, you are going to tap on ‘Music’ which is on the top right corner, then another interface will appear with list of recommended tunes and artistes.

Don’t forget that there is a search box for you to search for a better track that will match your taste. There is also a ‘browse’ feature, this display a host of categories you can explore such as love, family, movie soundtrack, best friends, party, nature, date night, work out, morning, Travel, birthday, R&B and Soul, pop, reggaeton, electronic, rock, Jazz etc. which are optimum for different vibes.

Step 3. Choose the verse/section of your selected music

The facebook story music feature seems to have a default duration for selected tunes, therefore it can not be adjusted to either maximum or minimum. Although it’s kinda weird that Facebook probably forgot the sound duration feature and if not forgotten, then whatever the reason the feature is not there, I think in one way or the other, it’s absence but be creating a vacuum of sorts.

However, you can still choose the verse or section that best suits you and you can do that by scrolling the slider at bottom from left to right or vice-versa.

Facebook story

Step 4. Customize your facebook story music overlay

After you must have launched your facebook app, created your story, added your preferred song or tune, and selected your desired verse, there’s one last thing you still have to do like customizing the facebook story appearance, though it is quite optional, but if you must do this, then can by tapping on the available options above the slider at the bottom of the screen, then pick between either a selection of scrolling lyrics or the album art.

You can also take advantage of the colour pallette on the top row to change the lyrics text colour that appears on the screen. If you like, you can resize/move the text or image. And that brings us to final step which is to click on ‘Done’ I bet you can’t forget this part even without being told…..haha

Facebook story


I hope this post was helpful enough to help to figure out how to add music to your facebook story. So what are you waiting for when you can do it. Go on and explore the facebook story music feature with ease.

Remember to let us know what you think about this post in the comment section and share to your friends too. Stay safe!