How To Block My Phone From Being Tracked

In this article, I’m going to show you how to block my phone from being tracked. But before then, do you know how much your phones know about you? Probably not.

Your phone knows a lot about you, ranging from the types of videos you enjoy to your favorite football clubs. Chances are, that someone, somewhere is harvesting the information collects about you, for various purposes.
In short, your phone is being tracked. This might sound harmless until your boss discovers that your sick leave was not taken in a hospital or at home, but a party.

But why is your phone tracking you, and how do you block your phone from being tracked?

Why is my phone being tracked?

You might think: “I’m not an organization, and I’m not a cybercriminal, why is my phone being tracked?”
There are many reasons why your device can be monitored. While some are harmless and positive, others might be dangerous and exploiting, and might even pose a threat to the security of your phone.
Below, are some of the most common reasons why someone or even an organization might be tracking your phone.

Targeted advertising

Have you ever seen a Facebook ad related to a Google search you recently made?
Large companies that depend on ad income need to provide a lot of targeting options to advertisers to maximize their ad potential. To achieve this aim, they track and collect data about you from your phone!
For criminal activities
Do you know your keyless car can be unlocked without the key if a key fob code grabber script is run on your device? A thief can embed this code in an app on your phone, grab the key fob codes, transmit it over the internet, and use it to create something that can unlock your car.

And yes, you should be scared, and that is just one example. If you don’t want the theft of any physical or digital property, you might want to restrict tracking codes on your device.

To monitor your online activity

If you’re a cybercriminal suspect, government authorities might collect information about your device and internet usage. This is necessary to make sure you’re not posing a threat to other internet users.
While government spying rules might differ from country to country, jut be informed that there is no uncensored internet.

How to block my phone from being tracked

Now that you know why spyware follows your phone around, it is important to also learn how you can stop all these apps, hackers, and even the government from tracking your device.

While you should note that it is impossible to completely prevent your information from getting to some internet companies, it is perfectly possible to reduce the amount of data that get to them, and how you can shut off apps from tracking you.

Turn off Geolocation services

Your location is one of the most important information advertising giants collect about you. This information can be used to personalize ads, but it’s used for some illicit stuff too.

In fact, turning off your Geolocation is one of the recommended steps of how to block my phone from being tracked.

Your social media posts might also carry your current location, which is something you might not want, especially if you took a sick leave to attend a friend’s birthday.
To prevent apps, and possibly spyware from tracking your mobile phone activity, you should consider turning off the geolocation services on your device.
To turn off geolocation on an Android device, swipe down from the top of the screen, or from anywhere from the home screen (Android 11). Find “Location“, from the icons and tap on it once, to dim it out. This action prevents any app from tracking your location.

However, apps might still be able to access previously saved locations. To prevent this:
Launch the Settings app on your device. You can find this on your notification area, or your app drawer.

Start typing “Location” into the search box, and tap on it when it appears. You can also scroll down to find it manually.
In the Location app, find and select Google Location Settings. In the resulting screen, tap Location Reporting and then Location History.
Scroll down to the bottom of this screen and select “Delete Location History.” This deletes every saved location history on your device.
Cool, your location is completely hidden, and your location can no longer be tracked.

Use antivirus apps

Many spyware apps are distributed over the internet just to install tracking code on a victim’s device. These tracking codes send information about the victim to the developers.
The only way to detect if some of these tracking codes are running on your phone is by running an anti-malware app. Anti-malware apps scan your device for irregularities.
If you suspect a spyware attack, an antivirus app can help.

Using antivirus apps is also one of the best steps of how to block my phone from being tracked.

Run trusted antivirus apps, as some of them do more harm than good.
Browse securely
A lot of tracking is done over the internet. Most tracking apps are triggered when you connect to the internet.
To avoid tracking scripts sending your connection information to hackers, you should always connect to the internet over a VPN. A VPN adds another layer of encryption to your connection and ensures that your connection information is hidden to websites you visit.

Also, always use the private browsing modes on your favorite web browsers (Incognito on Chrome), whenever you surf the internet. This sends a “Do not Track Me” signal to websites you visit, keeping you secure.
For utmost security when browsing, you might want to consider a VPN with internet security and the Tor browser.

Check all app permissions

Permissions are great until a calculator app starts asking permission to turn on geolocation and Wi-Fi. Is 2+2=6 in Singapore?

Before installing an app, check all the permissions, and deny the ones that don’t look right. If dubious permissions are required for an app, consider finding a more credible alternative.
Consider using a faraday bag
When you turn off geolocation services, you’re essentially trusting someone who doesn’t know you. What if they breached the trust and continued tracking you?
You can force them not to. A faraday bag disables all signals sent from your phone. When your phone is in a faraday bag, it is practically impossible for any spyware to detect its location.

However, a faraday bag cuts you off your internet connection, and calls won’t come through.
However, it is helpful, if you’re keen on stopping everyone from tracking your phone.


Tracking can be so threatening, especially when you discover that your new car is even at risk.
You can’t possibly prevent all web services from tracking your phone, but you can reduce it to only the essential one with the steps listed above.
Now, you can comfortably rest, knowing that your data is truly yours, and your information is not traded for bucks online.

Now you’ve seen how to block my phone from being tracked.

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