How to Download Android 10 on your Phone Now

How to download Android 10
Android 10

Do you know you can download android 10 on your phone right now? I bet it sounds like magic to you. But hey it’s 100 percent possible. In fact, you’re about to start operating your device in a new dimension. You might wonder if you are actually dreaming about this right now but no bro/sis you are not. Rather this is reality and not magic.

What is Android 10

Android 10 according to Wikipedia is the tenth major release and the 17th version of the Android mobile operating system. That was released on September 3, 2019. With this latest Android 10 comes a lot of extra added features as regards the Platform, Privacy and Security, User Experience, and navigation.

In as much as some smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S20 and OnePlus 8 arrived with Android 10 already available as their already installed OS, most handsets from the previous couple of years will need to download and install it before making use of it. Unlike iOS, Android is not making it compulsory that you must get the latest OS as well. In order words, what this post is trying to tell you is that you no longer have to spend some huge amount of money before you can afford Android 10.

You are open to download Android 10, Google’s newest operating system, on numerous phones now, before Android 11 surfaces, there are various smartphones that can download Android 10 update basically those mobile devices from the last couple of years, and most particularly a top-end one like the Android 9 pie. So if you have any of them, then you can download Android 10.

Provided you have a device that can run Android 10, this article will show you it can be possible. It is kinda not that easy but it will give you access to all modern features like dark mode and compatibility for Face ID-style facial recognition when you purchase apps or make in-app purchases.

Before we continue, you have bear in mind that these instructions you are about to be given is for stock Android. Have you heard about it before? Well in case you have not, let me explain. Stock Android, vanilla or pure Android, as most people call it, is the most basic version of the OS designed and developed by Google.

It is not a modified version of Android, meaning that the device manufacturers have installed it as it is. Simply put, it is the base version of the OS used by Android’s owner and primary developer, Google. It is always assumed as the most basic version of Android available, and it represents the base layer of Android, produced with Google’s standard apps, like YouTube, Maps, and Google Drive etc. intact.

Here is a few list of some stock android phone

  • Google Pixel 4 series
  • Xiaomi Mi A3
  • Motorola One Vision
  • Google Pixel 3 series
  • Nokia 9 PureView
  • Motorola One Action
  • Nokia 8.1
  • Google Pixel 3a series

N/B: the above list stands to be updated as there are plenty smartphones out there that can download the Android 10 update just like stated earlier, but it is better to checking with the phone company, and your operator, to be sure though.

How can I download Android 10 on my phone?

without wasting your time any more, here is how to download Android 10 on your phone.

Step 1. Head to the Settings App on your smartphone

To download Android 10, you have to open the settings app. This is usually on the first page of your apps. Or better still, it can be easily accessed from the top of your phone screen when you slide down from the top where notifications are usually displayed.

Step 2. Locate ‘System’

To select this option, you can either use the settings search option, or scroll down to find it.

Step 3. Locate and tap on ‘Advanced’

You can find the advance tab at the bottom all you should do is open it and that brings you the main game.

Step 4. Select ‘System Update’

Once you have opened the system update option, you will see tons of information about Android 10, as well as the option to download it to your phone, hit the update and the phone will start updating, once it has started downloading, take your time and wait for it and don’t be in a hurry. After some time, the Android 10 will be downloaded to your phone.

N/B: Make sure that your phone is connected to wifi if you don’t want to exhaust your data within a twinkle of an eye, and also if you have low battery, consider plugging it.

Step 5. Restart your phone

After the new Android 10 has downloaded, in order for the updates to run properly, make sure you don’t tamper with it. Instead, the last thing you must do is to restart your phone to get it up and running properly, and when it finally comes up, you will be welcomed into the newest Android operating system. Congratulations bro! That is all you need to do in order for you to download the Android 10 update on your phone.

But If you did not see such thing as ‘update system’ in your settings, it means that you are already on Android 10, or your phone is not compatible at this time. That reveals one good thing about Stock Android which is, they are always among the first to receive operating system updates, hence the strong demand for it. Either way, you can look out for a phone that is running stock Android, you can find the best ones from the ones listed above that should fit your budget, or better still stick to your current version of OS in peace.


If your phone is compatible with Android 10, you think you need to join the clique of those flexing it, I believe you now know how to download Android 10 update on your smartphone, I hope you found this information very helpful. Feel free to express yourself in the comments section below and don’t forget to share.