How To Earn Big On Daypayz in 2020 Best Guide


If you’re searching for a better explanation or legit information about Daypayz, then search no more because you have come to right place. So stay tuned as I introduce to you all about Daypayz so you can enjoy the offer while it last.

Daypayz in a nutshell

DayPayz is a big community that provide digital communication services and CUG(Close User Group) Free Calls and SMS program, with affiliate program. You’re free to call it a VTU company.

Obviously, more than 75% of the society which you and I are not exceptional buy and make use airtime, data, electricity, bulk sms, result checking pin, waec pin, but most times we don’t get paid for it even when you recharge from your bank account……. Yeah I know I got you there… Lol…. So, hence the emergence of Daypayz.

Who is the founder of Daypayz?

The brain behind Daypayz is that of Mr. Ojobe C. Prince. A famous Life coach, Motivational Speaker, MLM expert and entrepreneur, and the Author of three best selling books. (You Far Above Average, The Power Of Unlimited Capability and Standing Tall).

Daypayz Physical office and location

Of course DayPayz has a physical office and location is at Number 22 Ogui Road, Enugu, Enugu state, Nigeria.

I really do understand how you feel. Some people have had different unfortunate experiences that whenever they hear about online or digital business, 50% of the time, the first thought that comes to their mind is scam.

For that you might want to know if Daypayz has a physical office in case they fold tomorrow am I right? But in this case, I can assure you that Daypayz was founded on zero greed but to reward every participant.

Services available on Daypayz

Daypayz as a telecommunications business offers a lot of services as listed below

  • Airtime – all networks like MTN, Glo, 9mobile, and Airtel
  • Data – all networks like 9mobile, Airtel, Glo and MTN
  • TV cable subscription – for Startimes, DStv, abd Gotv
  • Bulk SMS – both single and multiple numbers
  • Result checking scratch cards
  • Utility – electricity

Registeration And Requirements

Before you can start earning on Daypayz, registeration is the first step to take. But in order for certain information is required from you and they are as follows.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Preferred Username

How to register

Before you register, you have to bear in mind that there are two ways in which you can register on the platform.

  1. Through the official link
  2. Through a referal link.

For instant registration bonus, register through the referal link below without stress, follow the steps below

  1. Open this referal link
  2. On the homepage click on register on the top left Corner
  3. Enter shuga as your referal ID
  4. Select placement (either left or right)
  5. Select your preferred package
  6. Generate a username of your choice (let it be something you can always remember)
  7. Enter your first name
  8. Enter your last name
  9. Enter your active phone number
  10. Enter your valid email address
  11. Enter your first name
  12. Enter your last name
  13. Choose a memorable password (make it memorable)
  14. Confirm your password
  15. Agree to the terms and conditions
  16. Click on register with this you are 80% done
  17. Select your payment method
  18. Hit the pay button
  19. Select placement method again and click on pay with flutter wave.

To register through the official link follow the same steps as listed above.

To become a licensed VTU account owner on Daypayz, costs #2,500 only. And payment can be made through a registered member’s e-wallet or by depositing with your ATM card into the company’s account. After that, click on register and follow the succeeding steps to make paym

N/B: it is advisable to let your upline run your registration to avoid any form of confusion or regrets. 

Various registration packages and the cost for each.

Below is the list of registration packages available on Daypayz platform.

  • Daypayzite – #2,500 – GPV 10 – 3rd Generation
  • Builder – #5,500 – GPV 20 – 5th Generation
  • Team leader – #10,500 GPV 40 – 6th Generation
  • Manager – #20,500 – GPV 80 – PV – 8th Generation
  • Senior manager – #50,500 – GPV 200 – 10th Generate

Bonuses Attached to Daypayz Packages

  • Daypayzite Package earn referral bonus down to 3rd level. And match 1 GPV (Group Point Value) at the rate of 10 naira
  • Builder package earn referral bonus to 5th level. And match 1 GPV (Group Point Value) at the rate of 15 naira
  • Team Leader package earn referral bonus to 6th level. And match 1 GPV (Group Point Value) at the rate of 20 naira
  • Manager package earn referral bonus to 8th level. And match 1 GPV (Group Point Value) at the rate of 25 naira
  • Senior Manager package earn referral bonus to 10th level. And match 1 GPV (Group Point Value) at the rate of 30 naira

Registeration Bonus – 10%

Upgrade Bonus – 10%

Direct Bonus

Indirect referral bonus both New Registration and Upgrade:

1st Generation (Direct Referrals) – 18%

2nd Generation – 2.5%

3rd Generation – 1.5%

4th Generation – 1.5%

5th Generation – 1.2%

6th Generation – 1.2%

7th Generation – 1.1%

8th Generation – 1%

9th Generation – 1%

10th Generation – 1%

Polaris Bank USSD code


VTU Bonus

Personal purchase – 2%
Direct Sponsor – 0.5%

Indirect sponsor:
2nd Generation – 0.2%
3rd Generation – 0.1
4th Generation – 0.1
5th Generation – 0.1
6th Generation – 0.1
7th Generation – 0.1

Personal purchase – 1%
Direct Sponsor – 0.5%
*Indirect sponsor:*
2nd Generation – 0.2%
3rd Generation – 0.1
4th Generation – 0.1
5th Generation – 0.1

Matching Bonus (Unlimited)
1 GPV:
This is tied to the packages as follows:

Daypayzite: 1GPV = #10
Builder: 1GPV = #15
Team Leader: 1GPV = #20
Manager: 1GPV = #25
Senior Manager: 1GPV = #30

Meaning, 200 GPV in your left leg and your right when matched, gives Daypayzite member #2000, Builder #3000, team leader #4000, Manager #5000 and senior manager #6000

(Note, You can always upgrade from one registration package to the other to match GPV at higher rate)


(1)10000 PV: Leadership Reward = #100,000 (Monthly).

(3) 40000 PV: Vacation Fund = 500k

(5) 150,000: PV: Car Award = 2.5M

(7) 600,000PV: House Fund = 5M

Leadership Reward
2% from every registration and 0.2% of every recharge is set aside in the leadership bonus pool to be shared among leaders every Month.

N/B: These leaders are committed people who do not only assist in developing the business but are also building their network seriously. They are more like stakeholders . The President decide who forms part of this group based on commitment and dedication.

Now that you have learned how to earn big on Daypayz in 2020, what are you waiting for before you start earning? Quick register and earning.

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