How To Get ₦5,000 Free Airtime Instantly on MTN

Today I’m going to show you how you can get free airtime worth of ₦5,000, So that you can finally talk nonstop to your clients, colleagues, friends, family or that special someone without having to bother about your airtime finishing too soon.

Just as the saying goes, “who no like better thing?” haha… Indeed we all do. I bet you won’t be here if you don’t and I guess you like free things too. You can also get free credit too, sounds impossible right? But believe me, it is as possible and as real as the device in your hands right now.

₦5000 free airtime? Oh yes you read it right. Unarguably you make calls on daily basis and that requires you recharge anytime you have to put a call across to your loved ones or for business purposes. I believe it’s not a big deal for you. I mean you have probably gotten used to it and you can always afford it, but here you are today… Well, I understand, somedays are like that.

Gone are those days when you have to borrow airtime and start worrying about how you are going to pay off, or keep dumping your sim card and buying new ones very often because you can’t borrow anymore. So after going through this post now, you are going to say goodbye to borrowing.

We are not talking merely about something you are going to use and within 5 minutes it has been exhausted, nope! You are not only going to use this free airtime to talk for hours but it is also going to last for as long as 30 days. So the call is not limited to a particular network rather you can call all networks with it. Isn’t that something? I believe you can’t wait to start enjoying it already.

There are so many telecommunication service providers out there and they also grant their customers the opportunity to flex free airtime and data once in a while, but this post is actually for the MTN subscribers. So if you are an MTN subscriber, then sit tight because you are close to grabbing the hot sauce.

There are so many ways to get free airtime on MTN depending on the one you wish to choose. Below are the different ranges available on MTN platform.

  • ₦500 worth of free airtime
  • ₦2000 worth of free airtime
  • ₦4000 worth of free airtime
  • ₦5000 worth of free airtime

The above list differs because it fluctuates, but for the sake of this post we’re going concentrate on that of ₦5000 and ₦500 precisely. So here are the steps. Make sure you follow them strictly so that your efforts won’t be a waste of time.

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Steps To Get Free Airtime Instantly

Before you can start enjoying your MTN free air, there are certain criteria you must follow see below

Step 1. Migrate to MTN Beta talk

MTN Nigeria introduced Beta talk as a special prepaid plan, this tariff plan allows MTN Beta Talk prepaid customers receive over 150% free airtime bonus on every ₦100 recharge and above. This free airtime can be used to make national calls, send SMS to national networks and also browse the internet.

Although the call rate with this free airtime to other network is charged for as low as 40kobo per second, however, MTN still has better call rates when it comes to cheap MTN to MTN while SMS is charged for the normal rate of ₦4 per SMS.

How To Migrate To MTN Beta Talk

MTN beta talk is opened only to MTN prepaid customers and subscribers can enjoy the benefits of the tariff plan by simply dialing *123*2*6# or by sending BT to the short code 131.

Note: you will not be charged to migrate to beta talk tariff plan if you are migrating for the first time in 30 days. Also, subsequent migrations within the same month will attract a ₦100 migration fee, and there is no daily access for migrating to MTN beta talk. You should as well bear in mind that you will lose your previous bonus balance once you migrate from MTN Beta Talk to another tariff plan.

Now you have the full knowledge about the criteria involved, remember migrating to MTN beta talk is not all there is to getting your free airtime, now let’s get down to business on how to do start enjoying your free airtime without wasting much your time.

Step 2. Recharge with *888*pin

If you are rooting for ₦5000 worth of free airtime on MTN beta talk, it is very simple. All you have to do is buy #₦1000 worth of MTN credit, rather than recharging with *555*pin# which is the normal popular code, in this case you will have to use *888*pin# with that you are all set to flex your free airtime.

Further more, if you are interested in that of ₦500 free airtime, all you need to do is buy only ₦100 airtime and follow the same step as in Above and that’s it. But the only difference is that the higher the amount you recharged, the higher the bonus.

N/B: The bonus does not include the Normal airtime recharge you did. Although you are likely to be charged from your main balance before proceeding to your bonus and you cannot the free airtime for international calls.

Hope you now know how to get ₦5000 free airtime on MTN free to comment and share to your friends.

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