How To Get MTN Free Data In 2020 – No Recharge

If you’re a smartphone owner or use the internet a lot either for online business or as a social media freak, and you looking for how to get MTN free data without recharging, then sit tight as I leak the secret to you

Most times having a smartphone without data feels like having a Nokia torch… Lol. This is simply because rather than doing your usual stuff like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, snapchat, tik tok and the rest of them, you might end up playing games with your expensive phone or just making calls and text messages. To most people they use that opportunity to either edit their old pictures or take new ones all in the name of boredom… Lol.

Even as a big boy or girl, sometimes you don’t feel like buying anymore data either because the previous subscription got exhausted too soon or you might have spent more than enough in less than a month and I understand borrowing data is out of the options….. Hey calm down and follow my lead because I can assure you that after learning how to get MTN free data in this post, you will surely be excited you did come across it.

How To Get MTN Free Data Without Recharging

There are 3 simplest ways to get MTN free data without recharging recharging your phone. There are;

  • Upgrading your SIM to 4G
  • MyMTN App referals

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Upgrading Your MTN SIM to 4G

Just like every other telecommunication service providers, MTN is in the business of giving their best to their subscribers as they don’t want to lag behind in technological advancements going on in the Telecommunication world, hence they want their customers carried along simultaneously. Therefore, they have decided to reward any subscriber with as much as 4GB mtn free data when they upgrade their Sim to 4G, as an incentive to boost customers compliance.

Requirements For Upgrading Your MTN SIM To 4G

It is better for you to have an idea of what’s is going to be required of you before matching to any MTN office or to their agent office to avoid, unnecessary embarrassments, wasting your time or transport fare.

  • The Sim you want to upgrade
  • The Sim card must be a registered one
  • ID card(voter’s card will do)
  • The Sim pack (optional) though it is necessary if you are updating your SIM in an MTN office.
  • The last amount you recharged
  • Few numbers you call often
  • Your mother’s maiden name

N/B: Ensure to be present and don’t make the mistake of sending someone as your biometric data and live passport will be needed.

How To Upgrade Your MTN SIM To 4G To Get MTN Free Data

If you’re a DIY kinda guy, I’m sorry to tell you that upgrading your MTN SIM to 4G is not one of those things you can do by yourself except you are one of their agents, so anything aside that, you will have to

  • Go to one of the various MTN agent outlets or to MTN office
  • Fill the form that will be given to you
  • Provide the necessary information and ID
  • Your passport will be taken with the device with which the upgrade is being done
  • Carry out the biometric data process

Afteryou have successfully completed all the necessary procedures, an entirely new Sim will be given to you. Insert it and just wait for at most 10 minutes and your 4G Sim will be ready with your 4GB MTN free data to flex all you can.

Remember, you can upgrade as many MTN SIMs as you have, to your own advantage. I.e if you update 2 MTN SIMs, that is 8GB, 3 Sims 16GB, and so on N/B: This MTN free data is valid for 14 days.

N/B: This 4GB free data is only limited to 4G enabled devices. So before embarking on this journey, make sure that your smartphone 4G enabled. But if your phone is not 4G enabled, I still have good news for you. So don’t panic I got you covered… #Winks


myMTN App is an all in one self care app it is also regareded as the smartest way to access your MTN Services because it gives you full control in managing your phone account, monitor your usage pattern, manage your data usages and subscribe to products and services from your mobile device all at any time and anywhere, including 500mb MTN free data.

How To Get myMTN App

To get myMTN App is very easy, take these 3 steps.

  • MyMTN App can be transferred through xender
  • Download it via Google play store or Apple store depending on your device OS
  • You can also text MYMTN to 5018, a link to download the app will be sent in as SMS to your phone.

How To Activate myMTN App

  • Install the app
  • Lauch it
  • Fill up the dialog boxes
  • Create a PIN and you are good to go with your 500gb MTN free data.

N/B: you have 24 hrs to use up this MTN free data.

MyMTN App referals

There are 3 available options to and enjoy MTN free data on myMTN App

  • Refer myMTN App
  • Refer Data Plan
  • Refer 4G Upgrade

Refer myMTN App And Enjoy MTN Free Data

Get 4GB daily when you invite 20 people to download and install and login to myMTN App. In addition to that, you will 200mb MTN free data instantly for each successful referral.

Refer Data Plan And Enjoy MTN Free Data

Refer a friend to buy data plan and enjoy 10% of whatever data plan your friend purchase. And your friend will be given 50% of the data plan he buys instantly. Example when you invite your friend to buy 10GB data, you will get 1GB MTN free data instantly.

Refer 4G Upgrade And Get MTN Free Data

Get up to 10GB MTN free data without recharging when you invite 10 friends to upgrade their 3G Sims to 4G. Your friends will get up to 4GB after the upgrade instantly plus 100% MTN free data bonus for 3 months anytime they purchase data plan between #500 to #5000.

So if I were you, will invite as much friends as I can everyday to upgrade their 3G Sims to 4G and flex 1GB MTN free data without recharging.

Benefits Of Using myMTN App

Apart from the free data that comes with myMTN App there are a bunch of other benefits you stand to enjoy. They include the following ;

  • It gives you access to manage your account whenever, wherever. This includes:
  • Activation of data plans
  • Check voice and data balance
  • View call history. e.t.c
  • It gives you access to key security codes like PUK number to unlock SIM card
  • Enables you to load airtime for a loved one remotely.
  • It is easy to use

I believe you now know how to get MTN free data without recharging. Don’t forget to comment and share if you found this post helpful and stick with us for more post like this.

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