How to Open Access Bank Account Online with your phone Best Guide

If you have been looking for how to open access bank account online, then count yourself lucky to be here now. A lot of banks are trying to leave no stone unturned in attempt to attract more customers and also their prospective customers in such a competitive business environment as banking.

How to Open Access Bank Account Online

So to make banking easier and accessible to their aspiring bank account holders, access bank is offering you a quick and simple way to open a new bank account anywhere and at any time, by just using a USSD Code, saving you the stress of going to the bank. Read on for more details on how to open access bank account online.

Requirements for opening access bank account online

To open access bank account online, make sure you have these requirements readily available such as;

  • An sms enabled phone
  • BVN (Bank Verification Number) (this is optional)

The sms enabled phone can be a smartphone or any other phone, hence it can send and receive sms.

If you already have a BVN, you can access it by dialing *565*0# with the registered phone number linked to it, that in case you have lost it.

And yes the BVN is optional incase you don’t have a BVN yet. And if this sounds familiar, then you can choose to enter your details.

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How it works

To open access bank account online using your mobile phone,

  • Simply dial *901*0#.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to open the account with either your BVN – Bank Verification Number or your Personal details.
  • Choose BVN or Personal details,
  • Reply remaining prompts carefully and finally,
  • Hold on for confirmation message containing your Access Bank account number.

After getting my account number, What’s Next?

Once you complete the process, now your access bank account is ready for use as one can send you money right away.

But! There’s still need for you to go to any Access bank branch nearest to you, to formally activate the account by providing certain information about yourself like Passport photograph, any of these (utility bill, driver’s license, international passport, National ID card or Permanent Voter’s card issued by INEC) and biometric as the case may be.

I believe you now know how to open access bank account online using your phone.

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