5 Easy Tips On How To Use Voice Note on Twitter

If you have heard about the new trending voice tweets and you are wondering how to use voice note on Twitter, this post has all the answers in a detailed form.

Twitter is on the most used micro-blogging platform mostly used by brands, social media influencers, and of course individuals, in fact, most celebrities find peace expressing themselves on Twitter.

Just last couple of days, Twitter launched its fleets in India, this a feature that allows users to share tweets, pictures, and videos that are visible on their profile for 24-hours, just like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram stories.

How to use Twitter voice note

According to Twitter, “over the years, photos, videos, gifs, and extra characters have allowed you to add your own flair and personality to your conversations. But sometimes 280 characters aren’t enough and some conversational nuances are lost in translation.

Now the micro-blogging site has just rolled out a new feature called voice tweet. Normally, Twitter allows only 280 characters in a single tweet, thanks to this new feature that lets Twitter users add sauce to their tweets and thereby expressing themselves better and adding more to the conversation in a maximum of 140 seconds but when exceeded, automatically becomes a thread. The ability to tweet on the go without having to type is an added advantage of this feature.

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Twitter also took to their blog post to disclose that a lot of feelings and thoughts can be hidden behind a text but voicing it out will go a long way, therefore, hoping that voice Tweeting will create a more human experience for listeners and storytellers alike. -Read the blog post below;

There’s a lot that can be left unsaid or uninterpreted using text, so we hope voice Tweeting will create a more human experience for listeners and storytellers alike. Whether it’s #storytime about your encounter with wild geese in your neighborhood, a journalist sharing breaking news, or a first-hand account from a protest, we hope voice Tweeting gives you the ability to share your perspectives quickly and easily with your voice. We can’t wait to see how people will use this to make their voices heard and add to the public conversation.

Sourced from Twitter blog post

Twitter directs tweeple on how to use voice note on Twitter and indicated that Tweeting with your voice is not too different from Tweeting with text. The only difference is that you can only put up a fresh tweet on your timeline with voice note, but obviously you can’t retweet, share, like or comment with vn. So let’s talk about how to use voice note on Twitter without wasting much of your time.

Before we talk about how to use voice notes on Twitter, here’s a quick reminder that it’s a good idea to check the accessibility of this latest feature on your device before jumping into it. Since Twitter is currently testing the option to Tweet audio messages on the Twitter for iOS app. And not just on any iOS, but a selected group like the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus, iPhone 11, iPhone SE, iPhone 12 etc.

How To Use Voice Note On Twitter

Here are tips on how to use voice note on twitter. Make sure you follow these 5 steps strictly.

  • Launch your Twitter app and Tap on the Tweet compose icon How to use voice note on Twitter
  • Click on the voice icon How to use voice note on twitter
  • Click on the red record button to begin recording your message, then tap Done when you’re finished
  • Head back to tweet compose screen and
  • Click on Tweet to send

Note:- To create a thread with multiple Tweets, you can record up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds for each individual voice Tweet. If your message is longer than that, it will automatically be threaded up to 25 Tweets. Tweeple should be able to see your voice Tweet appear on their timeline alongside other Tweets.

How to Listen to voice notes on Twitter

To listen to other people’s voice notes on Twitter, click on a voice note as it appears on your timeline, the playback will start in a new window located at the bottom of your timeline and you can listen as you scroll. You can also keep listening while you multi task your phone.

The micro-blogging platform made it clear that “voice Tweets will be available to a limited group of people on Twitter for iOS to start but in the coming weeks everyone on iOS should be able to Tweet with their voice. Everyone will be able to see (hear) them and reply.” Learn more in our help center

When Will Voice Note Be Available On Android?

Twitter hasn’t revealed when one can expect this feature to come to Android smartphones. However, We are not certain as long as the new voice tweet is concerned, the fate of Android users.


The Twitter voice tweet feature bags a lot of advantages, for instance one can be able to tweet while they are active on a different activity and can still tweet as long as their conversation lingers in form of thread. But it is still kinda weird. I mean imagine hearing your brush voice for the first time and it’s all shitty and you are like wtf…..lol

Well it appears that most Twitter users are seriously anticipating the feature on their obsolete iPhones while others like the Android OS users are dying to hear a slight gossip about having the new feature on their app, it’s well.

You have read the 5 easy tips on how to use voice note on Twitter, tell us what you think about it in the comment section.

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