Living Faith Deaconess and Her Kids Burns House Help’s Genitals with Hot Knife

A leader is said to lead by example as the saying goes “let your good deeds be the example and bring honour to the name of Jesus”. But this Living Faith Deaconess and her household has chosen to do otherwise. Even as a Deaconess!

Living Faith deaconess

Despite the awareness and fight against domestic violence and child abuse in Nigeria, in order to put an end to it, the reverse seems to be the case as more reports relating to it seem to be the other of the day.

Yesterday, the Nigerian Police arrested one Madam Yemi, who is said to be a Living Faith Deaconess, aka Winners Chapel, for domestically abusing a 14 year old Princess whom she adopted from her biological parents who are in Kajuru IDP in Kaduna State as a house help.

It was gathered that Madam Yemi and her kids usually put knife on fire, and thereafter, take their turn to burn the child from head to toe including her face and genitals.

According to reports, the culprit, who is the chief leader of the abuse, is a identified as a staff of the Nigerian National Petroleum Commission (NNPC) group.

Also her Husband who never coutioned his family to put a stop to the abuse on the little girl is also a staff in another big oil company.

The family is know to be a wealthy family as well as a huge contributor to their church.

It was reported that the minor has suffered too much injuries inflicted on her by the Yemi’s family to be captured for public view.

The 14 year old Princess is said to have burns from hot knife sequentially inflicted on every part of her body including her scalp and genitals.

The deaconess also makes the girl sleeps in a toilet and lets her drink water from the toilet whenever she is tasty and lock her in the toilet for days.

It was reported that whenever the deaconess wants to torture the girl, her children would support her and hold princess as she uses a knife to burn her face and private part before applying pepper to it.

Any meaningful conversation between the princess and her parents was thwarted by Madam Yemi as she won’t allow them to see their daughter on the account of lockdown.

Until the girl’s family suspected some foul play and demand to get his daughter back which proved abortive.

When the parents finally saw the state of their daughter they arrested the deaconess, and she said she didn’t know the Knife was hot when she placed it on the girls face and private part.

And their good for nothing son who was said to have ran away would keep the girl in the rain in form of punishment.

Even the Man of the house couldn’t do anything about the case, who knows he might have been directly or indirectly making advances at the girl….and she dare not report to anyone in the family.

Worst still they stopped her from going to school simply because a piece of carrot was found in her school bag! Na wa ooooo

Madam Yemi is a Living Faith Deaconess and her family contributes financially to the church. For that reason the church is trying to get involved in the case.

On the other hand, it is in the interest of the Living Faith Church who is handling the case to caution their members against further abuse of any form.

Photos the Living Faith Deaconess

Living Faith Deaconess MyTriciaBlog
Living Faith Deaconess MyTriciaBlog

In this case, the general public is not asking for anything more or less from the Nigerian Police, but to give this issue all the attention it deserves, and attain justice for little miss Princess.

They also appreciated the Nigerian and further pleaded for the sake of God and the dignity of man to let the case get all the attention it requires, prosecution done dilligently and justice served as they promised to be following it keenly.

While others appreciated the Nigerian Police, some suspected Living Faith manners frowned at the description and attachment of Madam Yemi’s title to the incident and tagged it “a subtle target to the church”

In further defence to their Church, they claimed that Living Faith has nothing to with it as the church is against domestic violence of any type and admonished the police and whoever is handling the case to focus on the evil and leave the church alone.

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This is indeed a domestic child abuse and brutality at it’s peak. That child must have gone through hell, from IDP to hell on Earth. God have mercy!

Certainly the che child would have preferred the IDP camp to the so called Deaconess and her kids hellish family.

Funny enough a lot of househelps out there are going through this and more everyday, without anyone to report or run to for help, while their parents are ignorant of the hell their kids are going through.

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#Living Faith Deaconess and her coward of a husband

#Living Faith Deaconess and her immoral children

#Living Faith Deaconess and her abominable church contribution

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