Amarachi Goodness : Biography, Networth, Instagram, 8 shocking things you didn’t know about the Dancer.

A good dancer is not necessary defined by great technique, skill or ability to pick up choreography, but by confidence. When you feel the music it peneterates your soul. [Amarachi Goodness a.k.a Flow]

Amarachi Goodness a.k.a Flow

Who is Flow?

Amarachi Goodness a.k.a Flow is a fast rising Nigerian contemporary dancer, who is is known for her dance and no dull moment vibes, loved by all who knows her, those that have crossed paths with her and her fans all over social media.

I bet you are a fan, and you have lots of questions going through your mind and really wish to know more about her. Don’t worry this post got you covered.

Here’s the full gist about your new favorite Dancer and all you care to know about her from the right source.

Amarachi Goodness a.k.a Flow Full Name

Her full name is Ndukwe Amarachi Goodness. But she’s mostly known as Flow.

Her Age, Parents and Siblings

Ndukwe Amarachi Goodness was born on the 19th of June‚Ķ. (year witheld) to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Simon E Ndukwe. She’s the last and has 4 siblings.

Her State of Origin

She hails from Mbaitoli local government of Imo State, located in the South East region of Nigeria where she was born and raised.

Flow Educational background

Ndukwe Amarachi Goodness is a graduate of Abia State University Uturu where she bagged her BSc degree in Urban and Regional planning.

She obtained her O’level certificate from Madonna Model Secondary school and was on scholarship throughout high school. This was due to her exceptional academic performance.

She was a very social and vibrant fellow while in school, this made her very popular on campus, coupled with the fact that her dance crew also won so many dance competitions.

Consequently, she had so many fans and well wishers who showed their support, campaigned and voted her en mass, during SUG election and she emerged winner as the SUG Director Of Socials 2016/2017 making the second female ever to have held that position.

Does the Dance thing run in their blood?

Yes it does run in their blood. She started dancing as early as when she was a toddler lol… Meanwhile, she inherited it from her mom who was a very good dancer and she’s the only one who took after her mother in that aspect.


Apart from dancing, Goodness engages in other real world activities like taking care of her personal business, and other things. But you know, as the saying goes “all work and no play makes a jack a dull boy”… So during her spare time, this what she does to unwind;

  • Dancing
  • Reading
  • Cooking
  • Basketball

As you can see, Amarachi Goodness is quite energetic and does well in most sports related activities and let me quickly add that she loves basketball and plays pretty well. She also plays football once in a while and swims very well too. So you see, she’s a whole vibe altogether. Lol

Favorite Food

Yam and eggs sauce.

Instagram handle: @i_am_goodyflo

Who is Flow boyfriend?

Flow is actually not the type to publicize her relationship affairs in as much as she seems to have a duo personality of being an introvert and an extrovert at the same time(Ambivert).

Best Football Club: Arsenal

Watch Word: Never give up no matter what.

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Amarachi Goodness Instagram photos

Amarachi Goodness a.k.a Flow
Amarachi Goodness a.k.a Flow
Amarachi Goodness a.k.a Flow
Amarachi Goodness a.k.a Flow
Amarachi Goodness a.k.a Flow
Amarachi Goodness a.k.a Flow
Amarachi Goodness a.k.a Flow
Amarachi Goodness a.k.a Flow
Amarachi Goodness a.k.a Flow
Amarachi Goodness a.k.a Flow
Amarachi Goodness a.k.a Flow

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