How To Send And Receive Money With Union Bank USSD Code

For you to be on this page right now reading this, it means that maybe we both fall in same category of people who don’t like long process in doing things. So I believe you are here to learn more about how to send money with Union Bank USSD Code . Therefore, no need to beat around the bush, so now let us go straight to the point.

Introducing union bank Ussd Code *826*

I know you must have heard about and probably used Ussd Codes for other banks before now, but for the the sake of clarification, allow me to reintroduce union Bank Ussd code to you.

What is union Bank USSD code?

The union bank Ussd Code is a 3 digit number available for only union bank account holders for secure, speedy and reliable banking services and available on any sms enabled phones and accessible through any telecommunication network.

What you can do with union Bank USSD code

In this article, I’m going to show you so many things you can do with the use of union Bank Ussd code as listed below and ho.

  • Register for union Bank Ussd code
  • Check your account balance
  • Airtime top-up for self
  • Airtime top-up for third party
  • Transfer Funds to union Bank
  • Transfer funds to other banks
  • Buy data
  • Change PIN

How to register for union Bank USSD Code

You can register for the Code only with the mobile number linked to your union bank. And the enrollment process is free all you have to is dial *826# and follow the on-screen prompts to to generate a PIN. This happens once you dial the code for the first time.

Cost of registration for union bank USSD Code

You might be wondering if union bank is going to charge you just for registration, but the good news it that the registration is absolutely free!

How to create your 4 digit PIN for USSD and what you should know.

Security is a very important aspect of any Ussd Code, hence the need for a PIN(Personal Identification Number)This is a unique number required to finalize or complete transaction commands. To create your PIN, all you need to simply dial *826*5#

What you should know

This personal identification number as the name implies is supposed to be confidential. In other words, it should not be disclosed to any third party. When choosing your PIN, it is advisable to use a number that you can easily remember.

How to check your account balance

Checking your account balance just got snappy, as a matter of fact, it is one of the easiest things you can do with union USSD Code within a twinkle of an eye with this quick step….

To Check Your union bank account balance, dial *826*4# and just like I told you, that’s all and your balance will display on your phone screen within a few seconds.

Union Bank USSD Code For Airtime Recharge

  • Airtime top-up with the USSD Code is free and available on all telecommunication services providers in Nigeria.

See Also:-

How to top-up airtime for self

In case you want top-up airtime for self through your bank, the term ‘self’ means the phone number linked to your union bank account. All you need to do is to dial *826*amount#. In this case, you don’t have to enter your PIN. And once it is successful, you’ll be notified via SMS.

How to top-up airtime for third party

Third party in this regard simply means any number that’s is not linked to your union bank account. This could be your other numbers, friends and family members phone number.

So when you want to recharge any of these numbers via you bank account, simply dial *826*amount *phone umber# then enter your PIN. Don’t be surprised about the PIN thingy because it is very important for the safety of your funds.

N/B: the daily cumulative limit for airtime top-up or recharge via USSD is #20,000. And it applies to both self and third party.

How to send money to union bank accounts

The availability of USSD Code, makes it possible and easy for customers to transfer funds within same bank. That is between the union bank account holders without leaving their comfort zone.

All you have to do is dial *826*1*amount*Account number# wait for the on-screen prompts and enter your PIN. Once the transaction is complete and successful, an sms will follow suit.

Union Bank USSD Code For Transfer To Other Banks

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to transfer funds to other banks, probably to pay school fees, POS, payment of salaries flight tickets, maybe you want to show some love to your friends and family and so much more, therefore you wish for a quick transfer.

Well, the good news is that this wish of yours can become a reality. The only part you have to play is pick up your sms enabled device and dial *826*2*amount*Account number#

Conditions for using union bank USSD Transfer Code

Before dialing *826* on your mobile phone for fund transfer either to union Bank accounts or other banks, it is advisable you bear the following conditions in mind.

  • The USSD code is only available for UBN account holders.
  • Funds transfer is limited to individual current or savings accounts
  • Fund Transfer is not accessible on, Domiciliary Accounts, Corporate, Target Target Savings Accounts and Joint Accounts.
  • The daily cumulative Transfer limit allowed is #200,000.
  • Transfer to other banks costs only #52.50 each, while
  • Transfer to union Bank accounts is free of charge.
  • Except with MTN, running a transaction with *826# is free for Glo, 9mobile and Airtel Subscribers. So see this if you are an MTN subscriber, visit their website for more details.

benefits of using Union Bank USSD code

With the existence of USSD Code, there are unlimited benefits available for Union Bank customers, for example ;

  • It simple and smart, pay bills.
  • Buy that anniversary or birthday present you almost forgot.
  • Keep tabs of your rising empire, check Account Number, Balances and BVN on the go
  • Send money to other UBN and Other Bank Accounts.
  • Generate a pay-code and PIN for cardless withdrawal transaction.
  • Stay connected, buy Airtime for Self and others on all major networks.


Having gone through the entire article, I hope you have been cleared on how to send and receive money with Union Bank USSD Code. Kindly drop a comment to let us know it helped.

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