How To Send And Receive Money With Unity Bank USSD Code – *7799# quick banking

unity bank ussd code

I believe you are here to find out about unity bank USSD code, probably if not certainly because you have an account with Unity Bank and of course other important reasons.

Introduction to Unity bank Ussd Code

It is obvious that we are in computer age, and most banks are doing their possible best to be up and doing, to make sure that their customers are satisfied with the products and services they provide.

Consequently, they try to achieve that by providing platforms by which their prospective customers can have access to banking services with their sms enabled mobile phones regardless of their location, time and day of the week, and telecommunications service providers.

What is Unity Bank USSD Code?

Unity Bank USSD Code *7799# is a 4 digit number designed for secure, swift mobile banking experience and which also offers optimum performance service and applaudible level of flexibility for customers to bank with ease.

Why you need Ussd Code

Like I said earlier, there are reasons you might want to know about Unity bank Ussd short code. And such reasons could be that you don’t want to go through the stress involved.

I mean we all know the discomfort that has to go through in order to beat the traffic to the bank, or going to the atm to queue up just because you want to recharge your phone or for an urgent transfer of what you might call a token.

Worst still not being able to make some transactions simply because it is weekend or can not recharge or buy data because it is already midnight. If my guesses are correct, then be rest assured your in the right place.

For convenient banking with unity bank, just dial *7799# and you are few clicks away!

Services available on Unity Bank USSD Code

  • Account opening
  • PIN change
  • Fund Transfer
  • Add account
  • Airtime Recharge
  • BVN Verification
  • Bill payment
  • Balance enquiry
  • DStv subscription
  • GOTV subscription
  • Electricity Distribution prepaid payment

Unity Bank USSD Code *7799# In Details

Just like every other banks in Nigeria, this simple code can be used for different purposes in order to provide convenient financial services to customers such as Airtime purchase, transfer of money, checking of account balance, request for BVN and pay for DSTV, GOTV, Electricity utility bill).

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How to use unity bank Ussd Code *7799# for different purposes

To avoid mistakes, you have calm down, pay good by attention and observe the codes below because wrong use or combination of the codes that result to a waste of time or undesired transactions.

  • Airtime self recharge – *7799*Amount#
  • Recharge for third party – *7799*phone number*amount#
  • To fund Bet9ja wallet – *7799*403*Bet9ja ID*amount#
  • Transfer to Unity bank- *7799*1*account number*amount#
  • Transfer to other banks – *7799*account nunber*amount#
  • Balance enquiry – *7799*0#
  • BVN Verification – *7799*5#
  • Ussd on POS – *7799*000*ref ID#
  • Cardless withdrawal – *7799*8*amount#
  • Block Ussd phone number – *7799*9*phone number#

How to use unity bank Ussd Code for DSTV Subscription

With this unique codes combination, Unity bank customers can easily subscribe to their favorite DStv packages with less stress. Without wasting much of your time let us quickly look at how you can subscribe your DSTV with ease.

  • DStv Access (6,000) – *7799*32*smart card number*1#
  • DStv Compact (6,800) – *7799*32*smart card number*2#
  • DStv Compact plus (10,650) – *7799*32*smart card number*3#
  • DStv Family (4,000)- *7799*32*smart card number*4#
  • DStv Premium package (15,800) – *7799*32*smart card number*5#

How to use unity bank Ussd code for GOtv subscription

GOtv have various packages available and below are the various packages and their different codes.

  • GOtv lite(400) – *7799*33*smart card number*1#
  • GOtv max(3,200) – *7799*33*smart card number*2#
  • GOtv plus (1,900) – *7799*33*smart card number*3#
  • GOtv Value (1,250) – *7799*33*smart card number*4#

Some areas where the unity bank Ussd code is available and how to use it

For those in Lagos state

If you are in Lagos state, you have to count your self lucky because Unity bank have their ‘EKO’ customers at heart in terms of electricity distribution. Now you have the benefit of renewing your prepaid meter with just a snap! With the code below

Eko Electricity Distribution Prepaid) *7799*4*meter number*amount#

For those around Ikeja

Also, if you are around Ikeja Province, Unity bank has not left you behind. The benefits that comes with this convenience banking system are still open to you. Dial *7799*5*meter number*amount#

N/B: In order to gain full accessibility of the various services available on this banking platform, you must register the mobile number linked to your Unity bank account.


Just like you have read in this article, you can see that there are a lot of things that can be done with with unity bank USSD code *7799# and within a twinkle of an eye. I hope this post was able to meet your need.

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